Need help installing your mail server? Can't figure out why something won't compile. We're here to help. What separates JohnCompanies from the competition is our second to none tech support. Remember all technical support is handled by engineers that have the skills, access and authority to solve your problems. See what some of our customers are saying about us:
"Thank you for the excellent vps and support over the years!
Your tech support is the best I have EVER experienced, and I have dealt with a LOT of tech support."
"I've been a customer for four years now, and still can't get over how much you guys rock. I recommended you for a project at work, so my boss got a VPS for the business, and he liked it so much, he switched his personal stuff to you too. I'm still spreadin' the johncompanies gospel. :-)"   -RK
"After terminating my account with JohnCompanies a few months ago as a totally satisfied customer, it appears that I'll be back. Without going into a big story which you don't care about anyway, suffice it to say that I require the uptime and access that you provide."   -CB
"Your support is as laid back, fast, and kicks ass exactly how it's stated. I appreciate the ipfw knowledge."   -EG
"Thanks for the update, I appreciate it and your excellent support".   -SO
"Thanks guys, you're the best."   -BN
"I just wanted to tell you that your service is absolutely fabulous! ... after less than 48 hours of using your service, I have decided to become a life-long customer. thanks!"  
"Really digging the reliability and service, btw."   -JA
"I love how fast you guys jump when there's a problem, btw. Don't know if you hear that enough from your customers, but it really IS appreciated!"   -RG
"An in case no one has said so lately "you guy's rock"   -EO
"I've used johncompanies 5 or 6 times now, mostly for companies I've been involved with, and I don't hesitate to recommend you to people who need a virtual server."   -WL
"Sunday evening (we're talking after midnight here Eastern Time) ... dropped tech support an email, expecting to hear from them Monday morning. Bzzztt. FIVE MINUTES later, they mailed me back ..."  
"Thank you both for very very fast replies and resolution!"   -EH
"In just a few days I installed my custom build of apache and php along with tomcat, and installed postgres as a back end. Then I added user accounts and replaced sendmail with postfix. Having my own server is wonderful!"  
"If this isn't good service, I don't know what is."  
"The service you folks provide is second to none. I work in IT at big company...We could learn a thing or three from you folks. The fastest response time to inquiries, the smartest hosting techs I've ever worked with (and I've dealt with folks from Sungard to Exodus to AT&T and others for our external hosting needs at work) and great offerings at great prices. Keep up the great work."   -BR
"You guys have been the been hosting company I have ever used.. or even heard of."   -BH
"Let me tell you something. You are 100000% more competent and responsive than my previous two hosts. Kudos!"   -KC
"Thanks, I have been forwarding around your first reply to friends, saying, basically, in case you've never seen it, this is what good tech support looks like."   -BD
"Day after day, you guys completely and utterly fail to disappoint."   -AS
"I just wanted to drop you a note thanking you for providing the best technical support I've ever encountered, bar none. You've been remarkably responsive and patient."   -JG
"Just wanted to give you a heads-up on this post I just wrote praising your VPS service. After a day of watching my students bang their heads against the wall with Dxxxxxxxt (a detail I tactfully omit from the published post) I was more grateful than ever for my JC account."   -PB
"You're hands down the best host I've ever been with."   -EM
"I know its not much from a relatively small time customer like myself but i appreciate everything the support staff at jc does for me. You really go above and beyond anything ive ever seen in the past... "   -FM
"The server you built for us is running great. It's fast, reliable and performing admirably. The service/uptime and network has been great as well. We are very happy with the no- nonsense service you provide! So keep up the great work and thank you to all there."   -CG
"I will continue to point people to you when they're asking about hosting as you guys have been excellent in every interaction I've had with you."   -MR
"It's been, what, 2.5 years that you've provided me with uninterrupted service. Right on."   -TW
"And this on a Sunday night/afternoon. I'm officially impressed now."   -SL
"Yeah it works perfectly... The hardware is very good too ! Life is good. Everything is good !"   -LC
"As always, I appreciate the excellent service you guys consistently provide."   -PC
"Thanks a lot for the continuous great service"   -LC

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